Softwave™ Therapy: Making waves in healing

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As the cutting-edge of technology & medicine continues to rapidly advance, health professionals are increasingly relying upon / recommending non-invasive alternatives for tissue regeneration and repair. Whether you’re healing from surgery or other treatment in the past or seeking a solution for pain, injuries, or inflammation, you’re no longer limited to enduring invasive procedures for the promise of relief.

How the body naturally heals

Our body’s natural healing mechanisms trigger regeneration & growth in the injured or affected regions at a cellular level. Immediately upon sensing damage, nearby cells release growth factors that trigger the creation of new blood vessels, regeneration of nerves, and migration of stem cells to the area. 

This microscopic chain reaction leads to the creation of healthy new tissue to replace the old; at a higher level, this translates to reduced pain, wounds healing, and improved tissue function (e.g. for muscle mobility, lymphedema or even erectile dysfunction). By stimulating new cell growth and blood vessel connections, this natural healing process restores tissue function to previously damaged regions.

Beyond-the-needle treatment

For those who are wary of needles & syringes, beyond-the-needle treatments attempt to offer non-invasive alternatives. Most such therapies (ranging from stem cell therapy to the topic at hand: Softwave) rely on triggering the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

Softwave Therapy

SoftWave Therapy uses acoustic shockwaves to simulate injury/trauma to the body, triggering these aforementioned self-healing abilities at a cellular level.

[Infographic] How SoftWave Works | Wave of Health

How Softwave works

Softwave TRT/MTS technology uses a patented parabolic reflector to create unfocused shockwaves that cover a wider target area and go deeper into the body than focused shockwave machines. The treatment process is surprisingly straightforward: 

The proprietary SoftWave® applicator is placed against the skin to administer a high-energy acoustic wave which penetrates deep into the body. These pulses of acoustic energy work to treat the abnormal area: treatments for most medical problems (i.e. erectile dysfunction, open wounds, scars) will be pain-free, esp. if no active pain or injury is present. If there is damaged tissue present, there may be some mild but quite tolerable discomfort, at most.

The shockwaves are able to reach & target the damaged area, and work to increase the blood flow to it, thereby stimulating the body to begin the previously-discussed natural healing process. As new blood vessels form to increase blood flow and bring additional nutrients to the injured tissue, the regeneration and reparation of bones and tissue starts off.

Efficient for your health, your time, and your wallet: SoftWave®  shockwave therapy is performed on an outpatient basis and requires little-to-no time. Sessions lasting approximately as long as a deep tissue massage, followed by marked pain relief, reduced inflammation, and improved long-term healing. During therapy, you will experience little-to-no pain/discomfort; afterwards, you are free to go about your day as usual — the only recommendation is to avoid anything strenuous for 48 hours.

What/Who can Softwave help?

SoftWave therapy can facilitate a wide gamut of non-invasive treatments: ranging from pain & mobility to athletic performance. There therapy is safe for people from all backgrounds, regardless of age or medical history.

Softwave therapy can help heal damage of all kinds at the molecular / cellular level: from nerves (neuropathy) & blood vessels (erectile dysfunction) to skin & fat (cellulite).  The FDA-approved OrthGold 100 uses Acoustic Waves to increase blood flow and circulation around the damaged areas to restore health & functionality.


Plantar Fasciitis
Achilles Tendon Pain
Shin Splints
Jumpers Knee
Runners Knee
Shoulder Pain
Back Pain
Surgery Rehab
Joint Damage
Finger and Toe Damage
Piriformis Muscular Treatment
Lower Back Pain
Thoracic Back Pain
Dorsalgia Muscle Connective Tissue
Neck Pain
Frozen Shoulder (Calcific Tendonitis)
Rotator Cuff Tendonitis
Inflammation (Bursitis)
Golfer’s Elbow (Ulnar/Medial Epicondylitis)
Tennis Elbow (Radial/Lateral Epicondylitis )
Finger Tendonitis
Diabetic neuropathy
Peripheral neuropathy
Cellulite reduction treatment Erectile dysfunction
Urinary incontinence

Our SoftWave treatments resolve these issues without medications, injections or surgery – making us a preferred alternative to conventional medical services.

What makes SoftWave different?

The patented parabolic reflector in Softwave TRT/MTS generates waves that cover a greater depth & surface area than alternative shockwave treatments. As a result, the treatment causes little-to-no pain, higher efficiency, and requires fewer treatments than the focused shockwave machines for most conditions.  Unlike most high energy focused shockwave machines, Softwave treatments do not require anesthesia.

You don’t have to live with pain

If you’re being faced with the choice of a painful surgery & a long period of rest or daily pain and discomfort, turn to Softwave: a quick, easy procedure with no interruption to your life.

Where can you try Softwave therapy?

Try Softwave’s acoustic shockwave therapy at a Wave of Health location near you, or contact us to find out more. Please don’t hesitate to reach out — our team of experts is dedicated to helping you!