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How It Works
Infographic How Softwave Therapy Works | Wave of Health

SoftWave therapy works by “tricking” the body into thinking it’s been injured to trigger natural healing mechanisms at a cellular level.

When you normally suffer an injury, cell membranes & small fragments of RNA are ejected. When healthy cells nearby detect this influx of RNA, they activate natural healing mechanisms—boosted immune response, increased blood flow, migration of stem cells, etc.

SoftWave therapy stimulates the release of cellular RNA from inflamed, painful tissues without damaging them, by making them temporarily permeable. This enables the RNA to get out and “call for help” while keeping the cells intact.

Read more about the science here.

How SoftWave Works

Increase Blood Flow

Increase Range of Motion

Activate Stem Cells

We provide personalized pain and regenerative treatments

  • Completely non-invasive
  • Immediate Response
  • Treats pain at the root
  • Stops inflammation
  • Increases blood flow substantially
  • No side effects or down time


Traditional shockwave therapy devices must damage your cells physically (microtrauma) to achieve the regenerative effect. SoftWave works completely non-traumatically by making cell membranes temporarily permeable.

Fewer treatments

SoftWave ESWT uses unfocused extracorporeal shock waves, rather than the focused waves of other ESWT devices or the shallow waves of radial devices that are not true ESWT. This allows the device to have a much larger physical field with the added safety of lower intensity. Instead of six or more treatments, you might only need two or three.


Feel it to heal it.

Softwave Therapy uses a unique biofeedback-like mechanism to identify & heal areas of pain and/or injury in just a few sessions.

3 to 5

Total Sessions


Per week

What doctors say…

Watch this excerpt from the Emmy award-winning daytime talk show, “The Doctors” discussing the potential of soft wave therapy:

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